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IEDEC Education Leadership Award

The IEDEC Education Leadership Award has been established to honor organizations that exemplify leadership excellence in engineering education and to recognize specific accomplishments and achievements in the field of higher education. The recipient will be honored at the annual IEDEC conference and presented with a specially designed award plaque.



The IEDEC Education Leadership Award will be given each year to a select organization engaged in the following activities related to the field of engineering:

1. Achieved recognition for leadership in promoting quality education
2. Instituted quality programs for training of students and educators
3. Provided significant quality education content and curriculums
4. Inspired others to careers in engineering and engineering education

Nomination Process:

To nominate an organization to receive the ISQED Education Leadership Award, complete the online application form. Deadline: All online applications must be received by Feb. 20th.



The ISQED Education Leadership Award recipient will be recognized in the following manner:

1. Presented with a custom plaque at the annual IEDEC conference keynote lunch
2. Announced in a press release following the IEDEC event
3. An article detailing the recipients achievements will be published on the ISQED website