Open-Studio Environments in Creative Industry Precinct —A Study on Hangzhou Design Talent Cultivation Mode

Ni Ling1,  Yu Gu2,  Chao Xiong3,  jijun Ding1
1School of Art and Design,Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou,P.R.China, 2School of Continuing Education,East China Normal University,Shanghai,P.R.China, 3School of Information Science and Engineering,Zhejiang Sci-tech University,Hangzhou, P.R. China


The emerging creative economy, on the one hand, has become a leading component of economic growth, employment, trade and innovation, and social cohesion in most advanced economies; on the other hand, it offers to developing countries a feasible option and new opportunities to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy. In China, how to effectively cultivate high-quality world-class creative talents to adapt to the rapid development of creative industry has been becoming a problem should be solved urgently. This study helps build a reasonable design-talent cultivation mode----an open studio environment in creative industry precinct, concerns cooperation between government, industry and universities---for the development of Hangzhou local creative economy and serves as a source of reference for creative talent cultivation model in developing countries.