IEDEC 2012 Conference At-a-Glance

Monday, March 19, 2012


Plenary Session

Room: Silicon Valley

Keynote Speeches:

Developing the OpenCL Ecosystem – Educating About Hardware/Software Co-design

Manju Hegde

Director of Fusion Experience, AMD


Digital Signage – Public View of Technology and Social Sciences

Neeraj Pendse

Director, Interactive Digital Signage Products, TE Connectivity


The Emergence of Computation for Interdisciplinary Data

Masoud Nikravesh

Executive Director of CITRIS Program, UC Berkeley


Morning Break

10:20am–12 Noon

Session 1A

Training & Teaching Methods

Room: Sunnyvale

Session 1B

Virtual Systems

Room: Morgan Hill

12 Noon–1:30am

IEDEC Luncheon

Room: Santa Clara

Best Paper Awards

Luncheon Speech:

Creation of a Nanoscience Academic Program

Robert Geer

CNSE VP Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer & Professor of Nanoscience


Session 2A

Interdisciplinary Education

Room: Sunnyvale

Session 2B

Learning Systems

Room: Morgan Hill


Afternoon Break


Session 3A

Microelectronics Education

Room: Sunnyvale

Session 3B

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Room: Morgan Hill



Room: Atrium

Affiliate & Co-Located Events

15th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED2014)

Sensors Technology, Design, and Application Conference (SensorsCon2014)